• Born in Jersey City, NJ
  • Raised in Kearny, NJ

My childhood consisted of 9 years in a Catholic grammar school, 4 years in the town public High School, and admission to Boston University college.  I entered into the work force early as an entrepreneur at 19, with a very short failed real state career, to a very successful computer consulting company.  At 28, I rekindled my love of real estate and finance, and started my own real estate and mortgage firm with some local partners.  By 38, I had sold the real estate and mortgage companies during the historic financial recession.  I continue to work in the finance side of banking, and am hoping to grow to the financial sector for the rest of my work life, although I still have a love of entrepreneurship in many areas of finance and public growth.  Aside from real estate and financials, I have a love of travel, food, writing, music and creative ideas.